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Designer Glasses and More in Five Dock, NSW

Glasses are crucial for vision correction but also express personal style. Five Dock Optometry offers an extensive collection, from high-fashion designer frames to functional, everyday glasses. Each pair meets our clients' unique needs, ensuring everyone finds their match.

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Superior Quality in Every Frame

Quality is paramount in our selection. We source frames from reputable manufacturers known for their craftsmanship, ensuring each pair is durable, comfortable, and stylish. Our collection spans the latest trends to timeless designs made from materials that offer comfort and longevity.

We prioritise fit and comfort alongside style, understanding the impact of a well-fitted frame on your daily experience. Our offerings include lightweight, flexible, and hypoallergenic materials, catering to all preferences. For those with specific requirements, we provide custom eyewear, including sports glasses and protective frames, ensuring everyone's vision is safeguarded.

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From Dita to Dior

Designer Eyewear to Complement Your Style

Enhance your style with our curated selection of designer frames, offering a blend of classic elegance and modern chic to reflect the latest trends from globally recognised fashion icons. Our collection spans well-known and boutique brands, including Anne et Valentin, DITA eyewear, Garrett Leight, Maui Jim, Gucci, Marvel, Dior, and Tom Ford. Whether you're seeking local flair or international sophistication, our range has something to suit every taste. Our team is on hand to guide you in selecting frames that complement the shape of your face, ensuring your eyewear makes a statement and feels great.

For Optimal Vision

Prescription Glasses and Advanced Lens Treatments

Achieve optimal vision with our precision-crafted prescription glasses, customised for your unique needs. Combining functionality with fashion, our glasses ensure clear vision and a sharp look. Enhanced with advanced lens treatments like anti-reflective coatings and scratch-resistant finishes, our offerings improve clarity, comfort and durability, upgrading your vision experience while maintaining your glasses in prime condition for longer.

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Making Eyewear Fun

Durable and Comfortable Glasses for Kids

Tailored for the young and active, our kids' eyewear collection keeps durability, safety, and style in mind. Alongside our paediatric care, we offer a fun and engaging selection process for children, featuring a variety of glasses and styles. This approach helps make the selection process enjoyable and ensures each child finds the perfect fit to see clearly and look great. We aim to make eye care and choosing eyewear a positive experience, encouraging kids to embrace their glasses as a fun part of their style.

From Sun to Shade

Effortless Vision with Our Sunglasses Collection

Protect your eyes in style with Five Dock Optometry's non-prescription and prescription sunglasses selection. These offerings combine fashion-forward designs with UV protection, ensuring comfort and style. Transitions® lenses adapt to varying light conditions, darkening outdoors to minimise glare and returning to clear indoors, providing seamless vision in any setting. Whether you need vision correction or want to shield your eyes from the sun, our range has you covered for clarity in every environment.

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Beyond the Basics

Eyewear for Professional and Recreational Use in Five Dock

For those with specific vision needs, our custom eyewear offers the ideal solution across various activities and work environments. Catering to sports enthusiasts, computer users and professionals requiring occupational safety, our range includes glasses to protect and enhance vision under any circumstances. We offer safety eyewear, ideal for on-site or workplace use, ensuring you safeguard your eyes against potential hazards. Whether you're facing digital screens for long hours or need impact-resistant lenses for physical work, we can help.